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History of Bobcat Boats, LLC.

Designed by a Louisiana fisherman, Russ Yeager, Bobcats have been built for over thirty years. In 1988 Dave Thompson carried on the tradition - building Bobcats at his shop in Gloster, LA. In 2011, Jamie and Cristy Carter purchased Bobcat Boats and relocated the shop in Calvin, LA. Recently the business has been purchased by James Coffey of Calvin.

The Bobcat's unique hull design provides for weed free operation and precise maneuvering. All Bobcats feature hand laid fiberglass construction for the best combination of strength and light weight. Models with built-in motors feature foot control steering so both hands are free for fishing or hunting. Naturally Bobcats are great as duck hunting boats also. Camouflage is available on all models at no extra charge. You can also select from the many boats in stock or order your Bobcat just the way you want it. If you are looking for small fishing boats, hunting boats, small boats, layout boats, or duck hunting boats, we make them!


Bobcat Boats, LLC. is the premier USA builder of:

Duck boats - Small fishing boats - Hunting boats - Layout boats - Electric boats - Pirogues

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