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Roger Easland, from Pierre,South Dakota writes:

Jamie and Cristy,

Yesterday I shot a limit of ducks (6) on Stone Lake. It was pretty windy and I had to cross part of the lake to get home. I waited a little too long and when I started back there was a 40 mph wind with higher gusts. Mink did fabulous until I got cross wind and a white cap over washed us. She would not capsize but before I got in she was full. It does float full with a Benelli and gear in the bottom trust me. No harm done to anything including the old hunter/preacher. Just a great day in a great boat! That little boat will handle some pretty good waves! Wet but fun---

P.S. This is no Kayak... It is a true DUCK BOAT!
Thanks again,

Joe Dinardo, from New Jersey writes:


I just got home and unloaded my Bobcat Mag I. Two of my friends are thinking about selling their Carlson and buying of your boats. I just could not get over how well built the Bobcat is,and how LIGHT it is for the size of it. I am very happy with the Bobcat. You truly sell a premium boat for a reasonable price! I will send you pictures of the boat, and the meadow I hunt in, when duck season starts. Once again JOB WELL DONE.

Thank You,
Joe Dinardo
New Jersey


Dale Tyre, from Bainbridge, GA, writes:


The little boat has worked like a charm so far. Used it twice this weekend in open water and had the ducks fooled by the low profile and the color of the boat which disappears when the waters choppy. As promised here are a couple photos from the weekend. Had to tape the chrome grab handles so the sun wouldn't reflect off them. My daughter enjoys jumping in and laying down in the boat every afternoon.

Thanks again,

Bill Lowry from Austintown, Ohio, writes about his 10':

"I just wanted to thank you for making a great boat. It is so versatile and light. I carry the boat under my left arm & my decoys and gun on my right sholder. I'll carry it to small creeks or beaver ponds & usually just lay out in it. I throw an advantage wetlands mesh cover over the boat that I cut & set velcro tabs on to help hide the boat in a marsh. I also will lay out on big water ; weather permitting. I've enclosed some photos to show you how effective a hunting tool it has been for me."


An update from Bill Lowry:

I relocated last summer to Tallahassee and nobody is layout shooting in the Gulf or the local lakes. The ducks are easy pickings with my little boat.

Dear Dave,

I just purchased a Bobcat 12' Pirogue, from Black's in Lafayette, and I want to let you know that it is the most versatile and stable boat I have ever floated. Both my 11 yr. old son and I use it to "sneak" wood ducks on canals and bayous here....Man, this thing really moves thru stuff! I call it my "Stealth Attact Duck Weapon". This is an outstanding boat and design. Enclosed are a few pictures of what results this boat can produce. Wood ducks hate this thing. Now my wife wants one of her own!

David Delhomme

Dear Bobcat Boats:

I received my bobcat boat for Christmas & I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Attached is a photo of a good South Georgia hunt.

Stephen Rakestraw
Tifton, Ga.


Just wanted to send you a few pictures. I bought my boat to chase down redfish and that's what I have been doing. It's definitely a weapon in the shallow marshes. A friend of mine just paid $30,000 for a new boat, and I put more fish in the freezer than him. I think I have more fun doing it too. Thanks.

Jared Borne


I can't express how much I have been enjoying my new Mag1. Its just a great all-around duck boat. It is very light, paddles smoothly, and is very comfortable as a layout craft As you can see, I've camo'd it up pretty well, and I was virtually invisible during our early teal season and early duck season here last month. It worked like a charm! I've paddled it back into swamps several times, or I will piggy-back it on my john boat on the big lakes and unload it at my destination. I can hardly wait for our regular season to kick off here.

Neil Craig
Ft. Bragg, North Carolina


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