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Q: Where can I buy a Bobcat Boat?

A: You can purchase our boats at our shop in Calvin LA.(About 3 miles North of Calvin on Hwy 501), or from one of our Dealers. Until we get established, you can order one with whatever color and options you want and we'll build it for you.

These Dealers also carry some of our models:

Letsinger Marine
Monroe, LA
Phone: 318.388.5790

(Note: Prices at the dealers will be somewhat higher than at the factory due to transportation costs.)

Q: What are your hours?

A: 7:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday.

Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes. Costs vary with which model you buy and the shipping destination. The minimum shipping cost is around $130.00, which includes $35.00 for preparation and delivery of the boat to the common carrier's terminal on this end. We can't ship the larger boats (Bobcat I, II, and III) due to weight and crating costs. You can pick them up at the shop here in Calvin, or we can try to arrange for delivery.

For any boat except the BI, II, or III, if you email the model you are interested in, your zip code, and whether it is going to a business or residence, we can very quickly let you know what shipping costs would be.(Cost to ship to a residence is at least $46.00 more than to a business, so you might want to check with your employer, local bar, or filling station owner to see if they will accept shipment. Picking the boat up at the carrier's nearest terminal will also avoid the residence delivery charge.) A warning here, though. Over the years, we have had a few boats damaged during shipment. It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. The boats are shipped insured, so normally the carrier pays for repairs. The only problem we have ever had was with "concealed damage", where the customer didn't realize the boat was damaged until after he got home with it after having it delivered to a friend who owned a business. IT IS IMPORTANT TO INSPECT THE BOAT UPON RECEIPT. Even if the truck driver is in a hurry, make him wait until you have checked it out, and if someone else is receiving the boat for you, make sure they are willing to check it out for you and make note of any problems.

We shipped a Bobcat BI via Central Freight Lines to a fellow in Folsom, California. He tracked it online, and the morning of the day it was due to be delivered he called the terminal to confirm it would be delivered. The CFL terminal said no, it would not, as they couldn't schedule a truck out there that day. He said that was fine, as he had a meeting he had to go to that day away from the hospital it was being delivered to, so he could go on to his meeting and they could deliver it the next day. He got to his meeting, the dock supervisor at the hospital called him and said Central Freight Lines was there with his boat. He initally told the supervisor to refuse to accept it, but after calls back and forth between the customer, the truck driver, and the Terminal Manager, they convinced him to accept it "pending inspection", as noted on the bill of lading by the truck driver. When he got back to the hospital, he realized the boat was in fact damaged, with a small hole poked through the side of the hull. He sent the boat back, we sent a replacement, and filed a claim. It was denied, as Central's position was that "pending inspection" was meaningless, and the dock supervisor had signed for the boat. Not all carriers are as unethical as Central Freight Lines, but the episode does point out the need for inspection upon delivery, and also why we don't like to ship the larger boats.

Q: What about sales taxes?

A: We do not collect sales tax on any boat shipped out of state. You will have to pay it in your home state if you have to register it there (generally applies to boats with motors, including trolling motors). If you are a Louisiana resident there is an 7% tax on all boats.If you are from out of state and you pick up the boat in Calvin, there is an 7% sales tax on the boats without motors. If you live out of state and pick up a boat with motor at our shop, we don't collect sales tax but you will have to pay it when you register your boat.

Q: Is there any guarantee on the boats?

A: Yes, we guarantee that the hull of the boat won't leak due to normal usage for as long as the original owner owns the boat. This means that you won't poke a hole in your boat if you hit a rock, stob, drill stem, Cypress knee, etc.. If you do, we'll fix it. Bobcats are not designed for whitewater, though, as there isn't much of that in the Louisiana area. Also, everything else on the boat is guaranteed against defects due to materials or workmanship for a period of one year. All warranty work must be done at the factory.

Q: I notice on your price list that you offer some of your boats with bow-mount motors. How do the bow-mounts compare to the built-in motors?

A: We offer our smaller boats with bow-mount motors. If you are going to be hand loading your boat out of the back of a pick-up or pulling it over a beaver dam, it is handy to be able to get the motor completely up and out of the way. In the water, however, we feel like the built-in motor has a lot of advantages. You can drive right up to the shore or a trailer and walk out the nose just like with an outboard powered boat, rather than having to back in or pull up your motor and paddle in. With a bow-mount motor, you are probably going to eventually bend the shaft when you hit something, even if you have the "break away" bracket. This virtually never happens with the built-in. The biggest advantage, though, in our opinion, is the built-in's ability to go through moss and weeds. The hull displaces most of the moss or weeds before they ever get to the motor. All the boats with built-in motors have a forward/reverse switch, and if you hear the motor starting to slow down you simply jog it in reverse and this unspools the weeds. You can drive right through a weed bed that you wouldn't even attempt with a bow-mount, because you would be pulling the motor up every couple of feet to get weeds off the shaft.

Q: How stable are these boats?

A: They are much more stable than a Canoe or Kayak. On the larger boats - the BI, BII, and BIII - you can stand anywhere on them and fish or whatever. You would probably not be able to turn them over even if you tried, unless you had some rope or something to give you added leverage. The MII, MI, and 12' are comfortable to stand in or even walk around in some. In the 10' and PI you can stand up, but you have to be a little careful when you whatever.

Q: What kind of batteries do you need?

A: Actually, just about any 12 volt battery, such as a car battery or lawn mower battery, will work. A deep cycle battery will survive more discharge/recharge cycles, so they are recommended. The most typical battery used with our boats is an 130amp. deep cycle battery. Most people can easily fish an entire weekend on a fully charged battery.

Q: What does "Capacity 220#" on your 10' mean?

A: We use the Coast Guard's formula for determining safe loading capacity. This is 30% of the amount of weight that would cause water to threaten to run over the gunwales. Thus, you would have to put about 733 pounds in the 10' before it would threaten to go straight down. The safe loading capacity is a pretty conservative number, but there are certainly times when you want all of it you can get. Incidentally, all of our boats come with full foam flotation, unless you order it without flotation.(Some crazy duck hunters like to sink their boat under their blind, so they don't want flotation.)

Q: How deep does the water have to be for these boats?

A: They will just about float on a heavy dew, but the boats without motors need about 3", and the boats with motors take about 9".

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